Unlock the Potential of Salesforce

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-02-20


What’s causing poor Salesforce ROI? Chances are it’s a user adoption issue, not a Salesforce issue. Whether you are using Google Apps or Office 365, a smartphone or desktop, the problem remains the same. The people who need to put data into Salesforce don’t always see the value, while the people who need the data out of it aren’t the ones using it everyday.

At Doble Group, we discovered that the best way to realign the goals between management and salespeople is to simplify the process. That starts with making data input effortless. Most conversations occur in the inbox, but the information discussed needs to be logged into Salesforce. What if that wasn’t the case? Imagine a world where you could put data into Salesforce without switching back and forth between screen or worse yet, the dreaded Bcc. It’s easy if you try. Instead of telling you how, let’s show. Have a look at one of the following eBooks that tackles how Cirrus Insight helps combat the problem of poor Salesforce adoption by putting the CRM in your inbox. On the go or at your desktop, using Google Apps or Office 365, Salesforce just got a whole lot easier to use.

Next Level Software Integration

Bridging the Gap Between Gmail and Salesforce

The sales world is constantly in flux. With rapidly transforming markets, ever-changing customers, and new technologies always around the corner, sales professionals must evolve with the industry to thrive.

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Sales on the Move

Bridging the Gap Between Mobile Email and Salesforce

The world of sales is changing. There has recently been a major shift in how sales is conducted. Salespeople now rely heavily on their mobile devices to conduct sales and engage with customers.

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Office 365 and Salesforce

Office 365 and Salesforce: A More Efficient Sales Solution

Integrating Office 365 and Salesforce is vital for businesses seeking to thrive. Microsoft Office 365 and Salesforce are two of the most cutting-edge and innovative business solutions on the marketplace. Both now and in the future, companies will look to these services to drive efficiency, increase profit, and beat the competition.

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Salesforce in Your Inbox

Salesforce in Your Inbox: Better Sales Enablement, Better Salesforce Adoption

Adoption of a new technology hinges on two factors: usefulness and ease of use. There’s no argument—a properly functioning Salesforce deployment is useful. But many users find Salesforce overwhelming and inefficient, hurting adoption rates and the usefulness of the CRM.

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