Tips for accelerating the Sales Pipeline

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2016-05-19

Tips for accelerating the Sales Pipeline

Standardize Your Best Practices:

The most effective sales teams invest time in identifying best practices and defining standardized sales processes. Great teams have sales processes (Methodologies) with clearly defined steps, activities and outputs that are universally understood by every team member.

  • Train your sales team in the “Why” of your processes
  • Automate your best practices with workflows (automated tasks) Use ”Approvals” to ensure compliance (ex: discounts)
  • Validate that the minimum requirements are met (validation rules)
  • Generate notifications involving stakeholders in a timely manner (e.g. Management is notified at negotiation, not at closed lost stage)

Measure Efforts , Process Adherence & Results:

The most successful sales leaders measure all aspects of their sales process to make better decisions and act pro- actively rather than re-actively.

  • Sales Pipeline 
  • Top 10 Opportunities 
  • Wins vs. Objectives 
  • Number and Types of Prospects
  • Prospect Ranking
  • Opportunity Conversion Rate (% Prospects= > Opportunities)
  • Adherence to Best Practices (Key Processes / Methodology)
  • Closing Rate (% Wins Opportunities)
  • Forecast Accuracy
  • Lost Sales Analysis (why are they lost ?)
  • Even measure ” tactical activities ” … push new products, up-selling , cross -selling, etc.

Drive Continuous Improvement:

Periodically review all aspects of the process and focus on team/individual results to promote collaboration & collective intelligence gathering.

  • Use collaborative selling methods. Example: Real-time collaboration with internal, external (partners, channels , contractors ) and customers (Chatter and Communities)
  • Use an Idea Portal to promote internal and external innovation (Ideas)
  • Involve key stakeholders (Marketing, Management and Customer Service) to develop joint initiatives (Campaigns , TTR (Time to Revenue) Acceleration, Process Improvements , etc.)
  • Measure Overall Commercial Performance ( )
  • Promote the professional development of your teams with recognition, training opportunities, certification & incentives (

Most best practices are born from within. Unlock the full potential of your organization!