The Gift that Keeps on Giving

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2010-01-31

The holiday season is upon us! While many are still out doing their last minute shopping and trying to find the perfect gifts, we’re as busy as elves since our return from’s Dreamforce event a few weeks ago where we met so many incredible people. And now, we feel like we’re bringing Christmas a little early to many of them as they migrate over to the iLinc web conferencing platform and discover the amazing tricks and time-saving techniques our products offer, particularly when integrated with Salesforce.

We’re seeing our customers’ happy faces as they watch new potential customers register for their free webinars and online sales demos and registration information is automatically sent to Campaign, Contact and Lead records in Salesforce.

The monotony of downloading and exporting attendee information is a thing of the past as they sit back and enjoy the success of their online presentations knowing their attendance data has been recorded in near real-time into Salesforce. Instead of manipulating data-feeds and struggling with imports, sales teams can get to work right away following up with attendees and working the pipeline.

With 2010 just around the corner, is your New Year’s goal to increase sales (despite the economy) or to “simplifiy” your processes? If so, now may be the time you can realistically cross both of these goals off your list! When you integrate iLinc for Salesforce into your workflow, both things happen simultaneously!

View a demo today and give yourself a gift that will keep on giving.

Check out iLinc’s Dreamforce session here!

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