Salesforce Spring ’15 Release Notes

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-01-29

Spring 15

It’s almost that time of year again,  Time to get ready for a Spring release and many new features! The new Salesforce release is almost out. In the Spring ’15 release, Salesforce delivers powerful new business intelligence capabilities, more ways to collaborate on deals and projects, and even greater control over your data.

The amount of new and improved features that are coming out is amazing. Salesforce is continuously evolving and adapting to our needs. I will talk a little bit about the most interesting features that are coming up with the new release although I have to admit that every day there is something new, therefore one blog might not be enough.

 Lightning Process Builder

As a Salesforce Admin this is by far one of the most exciting features in the Spring 15 release. With Lightning Process Builder you can easily automate everything from daily tasks, like follow-up emails, to more complex processes, like order renewals and new-hire onboarding. In just a few clicks you can automate business processes and help your organization operate more efficiently.

 Duplicate Management

As a Salesforce Admin there is no doubt you spend part of your week cleaning up duplicate data. In Spring 15 your job just got a lot easier with Duplicate Management. Now you can control whether and when you allow users to create duplicate records inside Salesforce; customize the logic that’s used to identify duplicates; and create reports on the duplicates you do allow users to save.

 Sales Path

As a Salesforce Administrator I got tons of requests for a ‘sales path like’ visualization. And without jumping to code, one just wasn’t available. With Spring 15 one is! Sales Path guides your reps through each stage of your company’s sales process and helps them stay focused on important sales tasks, so your reps can close their deals quickly. Sales Path has a simple, easy to use setup interface so that you can quickly configure your sales path.

 Social Customer Service Starter Pack

It’s really not even a question of IF someone is on Facebook or Twitter anymore. You have to make sure that you company is providing the same level of customer service to your social customers as well as all the other channels we serve. With the Social Customer Service Starter Pack you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from Salesforce and deliver social customer care without a separate Radian6 contract.

 Unfortunately we were not able to go over all the new and exiting features that are coming up with the Spring ’15 release. There are so many new things that will revolutionize the way in which we do business. Please expect to see more interesting feature about the new release in our next post. And yes, we will include real life examples of the benefits of the improved and new features.

 Source: Salesforce