Moving toward an Inside Sales Strategy

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2014-08-28

Accordingly with Josiane Feigon, studies suggest the business world is still in a huge shift from outside to inside sales. Shifting the balance toward inside sales strategy is a simple choice for a lot of companies; it’s easier on the margins, sales, and tools. But actually, setting up inside sales is harder than it seems.

Here are some common mistakes to watch out for:

  • No defined structure. Will there be a lead development team? What’s the handoff and sales process? Not having these things decided creates duplication of efforts and can damage team partnerships.
  • Lack of respect from the field. If the sales reps in the field are weak they rely too heavily on the insides team.
  • Long sales cycle. Inside sales teams need easy wins to motivate them through their daily grind. It’s important to have low cost prospects to turn into quick opportunities.
  • New messaging means new confusion. When the product focus changes, it confuses the inside teams and this keeps them from positioning it effectively.
  • Unrealistic quota or goals. Assign the inside teams reachable goals and quotas to avoid frustrations.
  • Marketing is disconnected. Marketing teams are often reaching out to too many leads. Poor leads negatively affect the conversion process and the inside teams get blamed.
  • Lack of field-focused training. Training for inside sales is very different than training for anything else. And many executives disregard the importance of the training.
  • Too much. These days insides teams have too much technology and tools and these can paralyze a team. At the end the best is to simply pick up a phone and make sale.

Reference: Salesforce