Marketing Automation that Helps CRM Sales Process

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2014-08-16

Marketing automation is thought to be a tool for the marketing team alone. But in reality marketing automation can be useful for the sales team as well, because it can be used throughout the entire CRM Sales Process. It has many useful tools like real-time customer notifications, accurate lead qualifications, and potential customer nurturing. However many companies struggle to take advantage of marketing automation in sales teams. To assist with that here are some tips from actual sales reps from Pardot on what it’s like to use marketing automation in sales:

  • There’s nothing quite like working away during the day and seeing what your customers are doing behind the scenes, all using real-time prospect activity alerts. It’s incredibly useful to be able to know their engagement levels. I’ve even reopened and won closed opportunities from these real-time notifications. – Annie Jensen, Account Executive.
  • When a lead views my pricing page, I love knowing about that in real-time. That way I can follow up accordingly. – Adam Dewey, Senior Account Executive.
  • Being able to use separated lead scoring and lead grading to differentiate how interested the prospect is in us versus how interested we are in the prospect is huge. We’re able to see that not only does an individual prospect have a high score, but they are also an excellent fit for our sales team. – Jeff Ostenson, Sales Engineer.
  • As salespeople, we all love qualified leads. By scoring leads on implicit factors and grading based on explicit data, you can make sure that only high-quality leads are getting passed from marketing to sales. – Adam Dewey, Senior Account Executive.
  • Not every lead belongs in the arms of sales, just a certain subset. If you can free your sales reps so that they can focus on selling, rather than qualifying and nurturing, how much more impactful would that be? – Derek Grant, VP of Sales.
  • Note your prospect’s search terms. This will help you focus your conversations on the topics that are most relevant to your audience. – Derek Grant, VP of sales.
  • Use drip nurturing to stay in touch with cold leads while still pursuing your hotter leads. This will prevent cold leads from slipping through the cracks and getting picked up by your competitors. – Jason Frizzel, Senior Account Executive.

Reference: Pardot