iLinc Fall 2009 Release

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2010-01-31

The iLinc Fall 2009 Release provides session organizers with new options for creating, archiving and promoting high-impact sessions, while ensuring a seamless and accessible end-user experience. As an iLinc hosted customer, you’ll automatically get access to the newest features and functionality:

Recording & Editing

Free up your computer. Our enterprise-class servers will handle the recording so you don’t consume your system’s processing power or memory, and our online editing functionality ensures that you never run out of hard drive space.

Focus on the session, not the equipment. iLinc users can configure any session to be recorded automatically, so the leader can worry about hosting a high-impact session, not about setting up separate systems or forgetting to start the recorder.

Get more mileage out of recordings. All recordings will be available in standard Flash format, making it easier than ever to download and share archived sessions. Plus, clients using a Learning Management System (LMS) can export recordings as SCORM packages, enabling standard usage reporting across the enterprise.

Media Sharing (back to top)

Create a richer presentation. Keep your virtual audience engaged by accessing and displaying Flash files (SWF), Flash Video (FLV) and YouTube videos through iLinc’s Media Link functionality.

Social Networks Integration (back to top)

Get more leads with less effort. Post registration links for your webinars and online training sessions on popular networking sites with just a few clicks.

Prove that you’re serious about saving. Show your online network that your virtual initiatives are cutting costs and preserving the environment by posting your iLinc Green Meter statistics on Facebook and Twitter.

These are just a few of the exciting new features that will give every iLinc client the power to create truly customized and highly effective sessions. In fact, we’ve also improved the iLinc home page, adding clear buttons and links for the actions that users most often want to take when they first log in to their iLinc site.

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