Focus your Service Structure for Customer Happiness

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2014-09-08

Customer service operators are considered a pain to deal with by many customers. Whether they are uncooperative or unhelpful, having these types of representatives creates a bad reputation for your business. Without knowing it, standard training of customer service reps can cause this kind of behavior. However, new outside the box ideas are changing the way reps are coached to make sure they focus on the primary goal which is to make the customer happy.

Here are some strategies for your customer service structure to strive for customer happiness: 

Make satisfaction your primary goal.- Instead of focusing on how quick you can get a customer off the phone, focus instead on how happy they are. Many companies are now moving to a system to make this their primary measurement. To test the effectiveness, you track the amount of customers retained vs. your past data.

Listen to customers throughout their entire lifecycle.- Conversations with customers shouldn’t be about pushing your agenda instead about making sure their needs are being met, even if they are cancelling your service. If you truly offer to help them they will become loyal customers, or at least will not be detractors.

Take time to educate customers.- Instead of just answering questions to quickly end a call, consider educating the customer on your products and services. This way they feel they’re being cared for and valued.

Use self-service more than deflection.- Many companies these days have an online help center. While most people try to help themselves before contacting an agent, some just directly want to talk to a real person. Whatever is your customers’ desire make your online service a viable way of self-service and not a way to deflect your customers from calling

With the right customer service tools and coaching, archiving your customer happiness is an achievable goal faster than you think.

Reference: Salesforce