Docomotion is an advanced document generation platform for salesforce users, offering intuitive and easy to use tools for designing and generating all types of transactional and operational business documents.

Our platform provides the organization with powerful capabilities to generate interactive documents and promotional elements for a unique customer engagement experience.

With Docomotion you can generate highly personalized operational documents such as quotes, bills, statements, customer letters, accounting documents, investment reports, mortgage documents, performance reports, insurance policies, healthcare documents, renewals, confirmations and more.

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Quick and easy document design experience. Graphic designer tool built for non-programmers based on MS-Word.

Use your existing templates and documents – as simple as copy-paste.

Quick to learn – Easy to use.


No Coding Needed: No Visualforce or Apex coding is needed. Anyone with basic knowledge of MS-Word can design complex documents. It’s as simple as that.


Generate quotes, invoices, service documents & much more with data dynamically merged from Salesforce multiple standard or custom objects in HTML, PDF, DOCX or Mail Body.

Send documents from your computer while sitting at your desk or from your mobile on the road.

In short – from anywhere using any device and in any output format.


Turn your documents into interactive customer engagement opportunities by inserting calls-to-action

Use the built-in tools to add personalized marketing messages based on your business logic.

Enhance and improve Salesforce customer information using Docomotion’s interactive documents capabilities.



Generates interactive quotes, invoices, service document
more with data dynamically merged from any object in SFDC.

  • Testimonials
    Margaret ZarineCable & Wireless - Seychelles
    Since we started working with Doble Group, our salespeople are using more data for their sales and are capturing more information, which is helping us close deals. They’re applying what they have learned through the training and are able to identify issues to better manage our customers. We've had so much success that we are looking at other training options that Doble Group can provide for ...
    Suzanne SaundersDigicel Jamaica

    The work put in by Doble Group, LLC was by far the most detailed I have seen from any vendor. I enjoyed the working experience and I look forward to working with you more in the future.

    Wendy-Ann SmithTropical Renewable Energy Ltd
    The Doble Group team was very informative about what Salesforce.com could bring to the table and the increased functionality it offered. It has increased the productivity of our sales team by allowing them to step up their efforts through the use of Salesforce. We like the usability and intuitiveness of the solution.
    Dan CollinsFresh Tracks
    I've observed several hundred senior managers and their teams at close hand over a 20 year period and Mariano sticks in my mind as one of the very best. He was able to clearly articulate his vision in a chaotic environment in a way that inspired and motivated his team to deliver their utmost, despite adversity.
    Millie MejiaNavistar, Inc

    Since bringing in Doble Group to optimize our use of Salesforce CRM, we have noticed increased productivity from our salespeople, and information is flowing better throughout the sales team, resulting in better communication.

    Charles BetancesEditorial Padilla
    Mariano and his team tested each process, reviewed them and revised the system to meet our specific sales needs,” explained Charles Betances. “He and his team are very professional, and I am very confident with the job they did. We have some young employees with high intelligence and energy, but they need a platform to follow, and Salesforce CRM allows us to monitor their progress.
    Patricia RileyProductive Business Solutions

    In 2010, PBS set out to standardize its sales processes across 13 countries in the Caribbean and Central American region. To achieve this mission, we required the expertise of a company that could chart the course and also help us execute a multi-national sales transformation program. Doble Group turned out to be the ideal consulting firm!

    Damián BáezWIND Telecom
    We knew Doble Group had extensive experience in the Caribbean, and they were a good fit for us… Once we put together the skill set for which we needed to recruit for our sales department, Doble Group advised us to implement Salesforce CRM to help control the activities and sales cycle for our corporate sales.
    Hank PereaEl Catador
    We wanted a CRM that would change and have a fundamental impact on the way we sell, and many American-designed systems don’t jive with the Latin American culture. Doble Group has cross-border experience, which reduced the culture gap, and we value the technology experience of Mariano J. Doble, CEO of Doble Group.
    Joseph HerdeTeleBarbados

    The Doble Group team was very informative about what Salesforce.com could bring to the table and the increased functionality it offered. It has increased the productivity of our sales team by allowing them to step up their efforts through the use of Salesforce. We like the usability and intuitiveness of the solution.

    Edder HerreraUnified Communications Technologies
    In addition to significantly growing our sales, we've improved our sales meetings because we go into them with more data, more quickly to assess our clients. Our sales people like that, they can now use Salesforce as a tool to help them improve their sales interaction, and the technology helps them simplify that interaction.
    Wilson GilEpsa Labco
    "Its a great service. The project planning, the consultant effort in order to get all the client's needs fulfilled and the time invested to listen (to our needs) was fantastic. Our overall experience was excellent.”
    Jeannette AquinoBanco BHD
    SuccessFactors 360 Reviews is a user-friendly tool, and working with Doble Group to get it set up was a totally satisfying experience…Thanks to Doble Group, SuccessFactors 360 Reviews provides us with a tool for future evaluations. We like the tool we implemented so much that we’re looking to implement similar SuccessFactors modules.
    Daniel FongCanon Panamá S.A.
    Salesforce & Doble Group helped us significantly improve sales performance through flexibility, mobility and visibility
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