8 Ways Salespeople Continue Prospecting

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-02-05

Sales & Marketing business signpost

In many companies, marketing is expected to generate leads via well-messaged nurturing campaigns, quality databases with a well-designed CRM reporting system. However in some organizations there is limited marketing of this kind and it falls on sales to create prospects. The question is, as a sales manager, how should you structure your sales team’s expectations around prospecting? Here are 8 ways for salespeople to keep prospecting:

1. Networking.
Each rep should be attending at least one network event a month. That is essential.

2. Circles of Influence.
Build relationships with people who can influence your sales opportunities or refer business to you. Depending upon your industry and your public, these people will be different. It all depends on what your specific product and or service is.

3. The 20/20 plan.
Each salesperson sends two different direct mail pieces referring to your products/services to 20 suspects. 20 pieces one week and 20 pieces the following week. The third week, the salesperson calls the 20 suspects. This process is repeated each week. On occasion these random suspects become reliable customers.

4. Thought Leadership Marketing.
Schedule an event with a topic based on thought leadership marketing. Though this event is handled by the marketing team, the sales team has to call and invite individuals to the meeting which forces communication with their prospects.

5. Referrals.
The sales team should ask their customers for referrals at least twice a year.

6. Bus-Ecosystem.
Each salesperson should develop relationships with at least three other salespeople who sell non-competitive, yet related products or services. This creates customer referrals for both parties.

7. The “Who You Know” List.
Each salesperson should create a list of everyone they know: friends, business associates, professionals. Then hold a sales meeting idea to come up with “titles” of individuals your sales team might know.

8. Review Calendars.
Set aside some time to review your calendar for the past 12 months, you might find someone you had forgotten to follow up with.