5 Steps to Start Your Online B2B Sales Operation

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-01-13

5 Steps to Start Your Online B2B Sales Operation First of all, let’s clarify the basics. B2B Sales Operations are commerce transactions between businesses, such as between a manufacturer and a wholesaler, or between a wholesaler and a retailer.

If you’ve ever been in the progress of creating a B2B web service, you know there is no sure or quick path of how to do it. It takes a lot of complex work and research but whether you’ve just started or are ways down the road, here are five steps to help you on your journey. Step 1: Figure out what metric your target audience is really willing to pay for.

If you’re looking to drive revenue it is necessary to know exactly what your audience will pay for, if not customers will look for it elsewhere. However the only way to do this is to test your prices on the market. Engage with your audience, see the results and adjust accordingly.

Tip #1: Resist the temptation to monetize the feature(s) that help your product spread.

Tip #2: Make it easy for people who love it, to share it.

Step 2: Engage your users consistently to understand the value they get from your service.

It doesn’t matter what you intend your product to do, it’s your customers that decide how to use it and create its true value. It’s imperative to find out what that value is, so stay as close as possible to your users.

Step 3: Create awareness of your market and value proposition.

Awareness helps you sell more product by expanding the scope of your audience, making it easier for you to explain what it does, and making it easier for your audience to understand it. Once you understand your true value, it needs to market on a grander scale. When people first heard of ideas like Twitter or LinkedIn they disregarded them because they didn’t understand their value. You need to get people talking your business. Press mentions in industry, tech, and business publications help create buzz and awareness.

Step 4: Understand your customer’s buying cycle and help nurture them along.

There are two universal truths to the way people buy products:

1. Most people won’t buy your product on the first visit to your website.

2. People have a certain way they research, evaluate, and execute purchases that you need to accommodate if you want them to buy from you.

Getting into the head of your target audience and addressing their buying needs and concerns is key to converting them. From what you do with their contact info once they sign up, to how and why they should use your product, your customers have operational and emotional needs that must be met.

Step 5: Continuously refine with the help of data.

As you look to rebuild a repeatable sales process, understanding what your target customer is like and what your sales cycle is, is imperative. However these things tend to change over time, and in order to create a truly successful B2B service, you need to continue interacting with your customers and refine your products and services with the help of that data.