Telebarbados, Inc.

ByTeam - Doble Group, LLC 2012-04-11


TeleBarbados, Inc.

Customer Credentials:

  • Operates in Barbados
  • Formed in 2005
  • Offers a full suite of corporate and residential Internet, Data and Voice services

Solution delivered:

Salesforce CRM deployment and customized training delivered to TeleBarbados on time, in budget and with the quality standards expected.


  • Improved leads, contacts, accounts and opportunity management to increase sales productivity and revenues
  •  Real time sales activity & account management, reports and dashboards
  • Customized training helped team members get on-board with a new way of working and selling to business customers
  • Growing Barbados Telecommunications Provider partners up with Doble Group for enhanced Deployment and Optimization of Salesforce CRM


TeleBarbados was formed in 2005 following the liberalization of the telecommunications sector in Barbados. It is a subsidiary
of Leucadia National Corporation, a holding company which, through its subsidiaries, has stakes in mining and drilling services, telecommunications, healthcare services, manufacturing, banking, lending, real estate and winery businesses. In 2006, with its sister company Antilles Crossing, TeleBarbados landed the second submarine fiber optic cable to Barbados, providing the country with state-of-the art connectivity to the world. Supported by the Antilles Crossing sub-sea cable system, TeleBarbados is able to provide its customers Internet connection speeds previously not offered in the Eastern Caribbean.


TeleBarbados continues to grow at a rapid rate, the company did not have a system in place to manage sales activities or revenues and required a platform to organize customer intelligence more efficiently. The company needed a CRM solution that was easy to use and could be implemented quickly but did not require a lot of capital expenditures up front.

“We researched a variety of solutions, but most of them required a lot of equipment, capital and IT involvement in the implementation, and we didn’t want to go through something too complicated because we don’t have a large internal IT team or budget,” explained Joseph Herde, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TeleBarbados. “However, we had heard a lot of favorable things about Salesforce and went through a local company that introduced us to Doble Group, LLC.”


Doble Group focused on improving TeleBarbados’ business results through the implementation of Salesforce CRM and the alignment of the
tool with TeleBarbados’ unique processes and teams to ensure its maximum success. The Salesforce CRM deployment project led by Doble Group optimized the effectiveness of the system by providing configuration enhancements that customized the application to meet the specific workflow requirements of TeleBarbados and provided hands-on training on how to use the system to its fullest capacity.

“Mariano J. Doble, the CEO of Doble Group, and his team were very informative about what Salesforce could bring to the table and the increased functionality it offered,” remarked Herde. “It has increased the productivity of our sales team by allowing them to step up their efforts
through the use of Salesforce. We like the usability and intuitiveness of the solution.”


TeleBarbados did not have to invest in any hardware to get started, answering a primary company need and was able to deploy Salesforce CRM within weeks. Now, TeleBarbados’ sales representatives have everything they need to do their job in one place and are able to spend less
time with administrative tasks, thereby giving them more time to close deals with customers. For the sales managers at TeleBarbados, the solution has provided them real-time visibility into their teams’ activities so they can easily and confidently forecast sales figures.

“Mariano has been very hands-on, provides excellent responses to any requests we have and is very familiar with our pain points,” stated Herde. “His skills are very useful and transferrable, and because of his familiarity with our region, our industry and our processes, he was able to
apply a lot of tangible experience to our sales team’s training. I would definitely recommend Doble Group to any company looking to deploy, enhance or optimize their use of Salesforce CRM.”