Your Data Strategy Needs to Evolve

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-02-09

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The way we think about customer data is changing and Salesforce is creating new applications that adjust to these new information demands. With the shift to managing customers’ data on the cloud it’s not enough to know everything about your customer’s interaction with your company. You have to know everything that is happening in their world. A couple of years ago, someone would be surprised if you researched them on the web before meeting. Now they’d be surprised if you don’t.

The problem is that must of the information isn’t in your company database and chances are your salespeople are spending valuable time getting it elsewhere. Applications like are designed so that your salespeople have all the information they need in hand, which allows them to only focus on selling.

Your customer data strategy needs to evolve in order for you to stay competitive. It needs to be Cloud-based, mobile-aware and App-centric. When partnered with Dun &Bradstreet, an industry with competitive insights, conversation starters and more, for the leading global account data, they led the change in the industry to cloud-based data.

With new features and apps from the team, combined with apps from our partners, it’s about whenever, wherever data. Account news is the fastest, most accurate feature in giving Sales reps their customer news, from the Salesforce 1 database, as soon as it happens. Partner apps like Hierarchies give you a visual view of your account hierarchies right inside Salesforce. Clean ensures your account and industry information is complete and current and the two combined enable you to more quickly carve out territories and allocate accounts. There is also Exchange which lets you transfer data to Salesforce from several other company databases. There is also Salesforce Analytics Cloud which presents customer analytics like never seen before.

Finally Salesforce announced a new partnership with Thomson Reuters. They call it “Wall Street Advantage for Sales.” Success on Wall Street is about what you know and Thomson Reuters is the leader in providing that information. With this new Salesforce partnership, Thomson Reuters will be able to provide that same level of competitive advantage for sales.

There are clearly significant changes happening in how we manage customer data and its clear many are already experiencing the changes. More and more customers expect accurate and up to date salespeople to communicate with. Lacking such information is a sure way to exit the competitive marketplace. To create these vast databases is where these Salesforce apps come in handy.