Why Axonify?

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-02-13


Hello everybody, today we are introducing a new fascinating product of our portfolio. Axonify is a very interesting product, it is one of those “must haves” in order to grow your business. This blog will be dedicated to a brief overview about Axonify. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any given time.

Using the latest principles of gamification and brain science, Axonify is the world’s first e-Learning platform that delivers learning in a fun, bite-sized and personalized way – driving bottom-line results. With hundreds of thousands of learners – and growing – major organizations are using Axonify to make their employees smarter every day.

How are you equipping your sales team for success?

In order to ensure your sales training is sustained, you need to successfully enable your sales team. Sustained training will lead to greater knowledge, higher selling confidence and ultimately a bigger top line.

What does your current sales training program look like? Do you gather all of your reps into a central location for an intensive training period? Is your training material designed to be engaging? Are you tracking knowledge retention?

World-class learning for world-class organizations

You know this: you need to constantly improve employee effectiveness. It is, after all, your competitive edge.

There’s no doubt that employee training can and should have a major impact on how effective, innovative and capable your employees are. So, naturally, your training has to be effective, innovative and capable too. That’s where we can help.

The award-winning Axonify platform is the only solution that is truly designed for the way people actually learn. We’re the only solution that’s proven to increase knowledge retention and inspire behavioral change for improved performance and bottom-line results.

No other eLearning provider offers such a wide portfolio of proven business benefits:

  • Impact directly your bottom line with improved employee performance
  • Improve employee performance by helping employees retain knowledge and apply it effectively
  • Reduce training costs by minimizing classroom time and eliminating re-training
  • Leverage existing LMS investments by extending learning experiences past the initial session
  • Improve corporate culture with key messages, delivered where and when needed\
  • Reduce safety incidents and retail shrink by keeping policies & procedures top of mind

Knowledge is Sales Power

The undeniable truth is that, Sales people sell what they know and avoid what they are unsure of. Axonified sales teams confidently and naturally sale more with their increased product knowledge and top-of-mind incentives.

Provide Superior Customer Experience

Customer service can be defined as the human link between customers and policies. Axonify helps your representatives reduce errors and retain customers because they know, recall and apply your methods and policies.

Work Smarter and Safer

When employees make the right decisions, companies make better profits. Axonify dramatically reduces safety incidents and errors because it helps employees learn, retain and comply with their company’s procedures as they work.

If you are implementing a new set of policies and procedures, refreshing your old employees or just training new personal, Axonify is the way to go!

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