To Share or Not to Share – That is the Question!

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2010-01-10

When presenting in an iLinc session, you are provided with many different tools that you can use to deliver your content. These range from PowerBoards, White Boards, WebSync, Polling Questions, and of course the most versatile option – Sharing. Whenever you are looking to present content that doesn’t seem to fit into the other options, Sharing is the tool you should turn to! Whether you are looking to walk your students through a Course Syllabus PDF or you’re demonstrating your own software program to a prospect, the iLinc Sharing tool is the tool that will get the job done for you.

Most presenters learn how to Share very early on in their web-presenter careers, but there are a few options which you may not be completely familiar with that can drastically improve the effectiveness of your presentation. iLinc provides three different Sharing options, each of which have benefits and prove quite useful depending on the scenario.

Desktop Sharing – Your attendees will view everything on your monitor. This means that your attendees will see your every move and can fluidly follow along as you move from one application to another.


  • Quick and easy to start
  • Switch between applications on the fly
  • Best option for new users getting started
  • TIP! – Close email and instant messaging programs before starting so that your attendees do not see these!

Application Sharing – You can select specific applications to share with your attendees. This prevents your users from seeing anything you do not want them to see. This also gives the presenter more control over the end user’s experience.


  • Most secure option for those concerned with privacy or those working with confidential materials
  • Users will not see instant messages or other windows which pop-up during the share
  • Great option for the security conscious and advanced users who like to multi-task
  • TIP! – Open all documents and programs you will be using ahead of time so you do not have to stop in the mid-sentence!

Region Sharing – Control the area of your screen being displayed. This option allows you to highlight a designated area of your screen to show. As the presenter, this gives you a re-sizable selection box which you can use to highlight a window or zoom in on an important paragraph of text.


  • Great for highlighting specific areas in an application or document
  • You can resize the selection area on the fly to expand or contract what your users are seeing
  • Perfect for demonstrating software applications, spreadsheets, text documents and other data-intensive applications
  • TIP! – For a more seamless presentation, make use of your Play/Pause buttons for additional control over what participants see!

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to presenting with iLinc’s Sharing tool but this should give you an idea of what may be the best option for your use case. The best part about it is that you can experiment with the different options and decide what works best for you! For more information, please review our KnowledgeBase and Quick Reference Guides on the iLinc Support page

Thank you for choosing iLinc!