The Secret Ingredient in Your Kitchen

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-01-21



Salesforce can be the secret Ingredient in your restaurant’s kitchen. With today’s fearful competition, having a good chef and a nice comfortable restaurant is not enough. Every day a new restaurant opens and another closes, so if you want to keep your business running, you must be on top of your game.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud spices things up, it could be considered one of the most useful things to have in every line of business.

Chefs have to be grateful for the existence of salesforce, they no longer have to go completely crazy to innovate their menus. By using salesforce marketing cloud and the apps within it, chefs can help themselves create something that their public and potential new customers will be attracted to.

These days everybody comments online about their experiences of the restaurants, hotels, trips they got to, etc… Your employees could also share important information about things they do that facilitate their jobs and helps them be more efficient. They could share this between them in a safe and user friendly environment called Chatter. It would be a shame not to use all that valuable information and opinions of your customers and potential new prospects. It is also very important not to forget that word of mouth is a very powerful double edge weapon and sadly a bad comment sticks longer than a good one, therefore it is extremely important to listen to everything that is said about your business on the web.

Keep in mind that a restaurant is a very unpredictable and hard to manage type of business. On the management side, makes it easier to keep track of everything that revolves around your business. You should always keep track of your customers’ complaints and make sure that everything is properly resolved. Not to forget that you will also be able to create your own app for the suggestions of the customers or for whatever over purpose fits your business at a given time.

Keep in mind that this line of business is very complex, besides offering a service, you also offer a final product which have to be of excellent quality and at a competitive price. It is indispensable to acquire the best raw materials at the best possible price. The tools offered with salesforce help to easily manage an optimum rotation of inventory. You would be able to keep track and find the best prices around you in order to maintain you production costs as low as possible.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small restaurant or a big chain of them, by implementing the tools mentioned above, you will be successful without depending so much on that secret ingredient that makes your food special.

Reference: Doble Group Marketing Team

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