Salesforce makes Christmas Productive

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2014-12-29


We could easily say that Christmas is one of the most productive seasons in the year. Since millions of gifts and transactions are made throughout the world in just a few days. If we take this into perspective accordingly to a Salesforce blog, Santa Claus has to deliver gifts to more than 91 million homes. So how does he manage to do it?

Evidently Santa’s team is extraordinary. But with the Salesforce Customer Success Platform, the North Pole could be even more productive. Here’s how:


In order to keep thousands of elf employees working for him on the same page (synced), Santa could start using Chatter. A social Network for business. Each worker could have an individual profile that he or she can use to ask questions about the best technique to make a particular toy, congratulate one of their fellow elves for doing an exceptional job, and share pictures of some of their greatest toy-making achievements.

Salesforce1 Mobile App

Carrying toys for about 378 million children means that the space on Santa’s sleigh is tight and there should not be a lot of space for his “Big Book of Names”. Santa should ditch the book to have that extra space for toys and instead download the Salesforce1 Mobile App on his phone. This way, Santa can have all his “customer” information right in the palm of his hand, accessible at the touch of a button. He can keep track of the child’s name, address, wish list, and customer history once he’s visited the child’s house, Santa can mark the deal as “closed.” He can even take a photo of the child’s stocking and his presents under the tree and add it to the child’s file. All this on his mobile device.

Analytics Cloud

Santa could always stay on top of the latest toy trends with the data accessible with Analytics Cloud. He can keep track of all kinds of analytics: average time spent at each house, dollars and time spent building toys per child, the most popular toys (broken down by gender and age). With the power of Big Data, easily broken down, Santa can be prepared to tackle the next year with all of the information he needs to satisfy each and every customer.

Salesforce1 Lightning

Any good business owner knows that it’s important to know what your customers are expecting. As children around the world have increasing access to mobile devices and social media, it’s important for Santa to stay up to date. Rather than relying solely on the postal service to deliver information as the hopes and dreams of boys and girls around the world, using Salesforce1 Lightning, Santa (or one of his developer elves) could develop his own app! Kids all around the world could use mobile devices to let Santa know why they deserve to be on the nice list and what they want for Christmas. Rather than waiting for the mail to arrive, Santa has instantaneous access to his ever-growing to-do list.

Therefore if you want to take Santa’s example and equally productive with less hassle, explore all the options that Salesforce has to offer in 2015.

Source: Salesfoce