More About Spring ’15 Release

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-02-03

Spring 15

Once again I am back here with you. As stated on the previous blog, we will keep talking about all the goodies of this spring ’15 Release, One single blog was just not enough to cover all the interesting new features. Please keep in mind that you can always contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to suggest a topic for a blog. helps managers and teams learn faster and perform better with a suite of sales-management and service-management tools that boost performance with simple, customizable features including goals, real-time coaching, rewards, and performance reviews. A new spring release wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t include something new for Spring ’15 enables you to use Thanks and Skills features for free, customize your coaching experience, and use more features in the Goals pilot.

• Access All Features with the Consolidated Add-On

The three feature add-ons (Motivate, Align, and Perform) are now being consolidated into a single add-on that includes Rewards, Feedback, Goals, Coaching, Calibration, and Performance Summaries.

• Customize Coaching to Fit Your Organization

You can now customize Coaching fields, page layouts, and list views, and also make additional changes for your teams.

• Do More with Enhanced Goals (Pilot)

If you’re signed up for the Goals pilot, your teams can use additional features such as metric weighting, goal progress rollup, and linking metrics to Salesforce data.

• Receive Detailed Error Messages for Performance Cycle Deployments

Performance summary cycle administrators now receive more details about any errors that occur when deploying performance summary cycles. Each error describes whether a user or their manager is inactive or doesn’t have the proper object permissions.

• Customize Page Layouts for Thanks Objects

Administrators can now customize page layouts for all Thanks objects. is the solution for delivering leading business data inside Salesforce. The product suite includes Prospector and Clean, as well as related features: Social Key, Reports, and Data Assessments.

For Spring ’15 we’ve enhanced the API and added more detail to our API documentation. You can now scroll through large result sets using queryMore() for any of the Datacloud objects. We’ve also made the Name and LocationStatus fields filterable in the DatacloudDandB object.

Chatter: Reporting, Question-to-Case, Records in Groups

Spring ’15 enables you to report on Chatter activity in your organization, add records to groups, and create cases from Chatter Questions. There are also several improvements to files, feeds, and unlisted groups functionality.

• Report on Chatter Usage with the Salesforce Chatter Dashboards Package

The Salesforce Chatter Dashboards package gives administrators an essential set of dashboards and reports to keep tabs on Chatter activity. Administrators can gain insights from the latest metrics and rapidly spot trends.

• More Collaboration Options in Chatter Groups

Chatter groups now include features that help you collaborate on records, send group emails, and change unlisted groups.

• Files. Simplify file management for your users with file syncing, sharing, and collaboration.

• More Communication Options in Chatter Feeds. Chatter Feeds now allow users to create a task from a post and to use emoticons.

• Manage Questions in Chatter with Question-to-Case (Generally Available). Chatter Questions lets users ask questions in the feed in your Salesforce organization and communities. With Question-to-Case, questions that aren’t resolved can be escalated to cases, making it easier to quickly resolve users’ issues.

• Moderate Chatter Private Messages with Apex Triggers. The ChatterMessage object now supports triggers, which enable you to automate private message moderation in an organization or community. For example, use triggers to ensure that messages conform to your company’s messaging policies and don’t contain blacklisted words.

The basic and more relevant information for the general public has been cover in this blog and the one before. On the next blog. You can expect multiple different scenarios under which different companies would benefiting of the new release spring ’15 Release. If you would like us to analyze your scenario (your privacy will be kept save) and tell you exactly how this new improvements would help you, contact us, no strings attached. There are so many new things that will change the way in which we do business.