Marketing Strategies for Sales People

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2014-10-28

Market Yourself

Traditional marketing is definitely not dead. According to Anthony Lannarino, modern marketers of today’s age seem to think that “social selling” is the only method for prospecting, but that just simply isn’t true. The old ways of marketing can be just as effective as the new ones that use social media. The mistake is to think that one precludes the other. Therefore, to be on the safe side, the logical tactic to be successful is to use both altogether. And knowing this, sales people can take a huge advantage by combining both traditional and up to day simple marketing strategies to increase their exposure. Among this simple strategies are:

Marketing has changed. It’s moved online, it’s faster, quicker-paced, and it’s more a two-way interaction. The marketing that customers subject themselves to has become more their choice than the salesperson. That’s why salespeople need to learn to find their ideal customer so they can deliver their message and be part of the conversation.

It’s noisier than ever. These days there are so many people crowding social media with marketing, therefore making it harder for the general viewer to see your promotion, which is why you need to target yourself towards smaller groups where you’ll find your dream clients.

A salesperson is a brand. Some salespeople are exactly what a customer is looking for, but they can’t reach out because the salesperson is so under the radar. By using social media you can promote yourself almost as a brand and better connect with your dream client.

Salespeople need to nurture relationships. There is no more difficult part of selling today than prospecting. When your prospective client recognizes the need to change, they need to already know you as a salesperson and know your value. This means that a salesperson needs to be creating their identity online over time. The more time they are there, the more customers they will receive.

For more information on how to market yourself, you can view our Social CRM webinar for helpful tips.