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By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2015-02-18

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Away from the office, Facebook and other social apps have transformed the way we connect and share information. Yet the systems most companies use to manage work were designed for the outdated and slow-moving workplace of the past. They often feel like work on top of work, completely disconnected from employees’ daily jobs. is a social performance management platform that helps companies align, motivate, and drive performance. helps managers and teams learn faster and perform better with a suite of sales-management and service-management tools that boost performance with simple, customizable features including goals, real-time coaching, rewards, and performance reviews. helps companies deliver performance in three key areas:

• Alignment — Today’s workplace is more fragmented than ever. We work remotely and virtually and have people spread across the globe. At the same time, the pace of business is accelerating, placing a premium on getting the right information to the right people as quickly and efficiently as possible. With you can align teams around winning business and driving customer success. Sales, service, and marketing managers can coach and give feedback in real time. Team members can stay focused on hitting goals.

• Motivation — Most of the workers are unsatisfied with the amount of recognition they receive at work, many would work harder if their efforts were better recognized. With, companies can inspire achievement with recognition and real rewards. Now people can recognize colleagues with custom badges. The recognition a person receives becomes part of their social profile in Salesforce, allowing people to build their reputation and colleagues to identify experts.

• Performance — Performance reviews are among the most hated processes in business. With you can improve performance all the time, not just at review time. The performance reviews are now easy, compile compliant fact-based summaries that HR will love. Give and receive feedback as needed: weekly, quarterly, or by project. Focus on performance without distracting from the job at hand.

Hundreds of High-Performing Companies Work Better, Together

Facebook, LivingSocial, Hubspot, Virgin America, 1-800 Flowers and hundreds of companies are already transformed the way they manage people using Real-time feedback, coaching and recognition are essential to improving the productivity of sales reps and the continued growth of business. helps sales managers and reps identify areas of improvement and work toward turning them into strengths. Being able to recognize and reward the people in your organization for doing a great work keeps them motivated to achieve their goals and deliver great results.

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