Inside Terremark’s Secure Government Data Center

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2010-02-26

Terremark’s new cloud-computing facility for U.S. government customers features concrete walls, bomb-sniffing dogs, motion-sensing videocams, and a promise of 100% service availability.

As U.S. government agencies consider the move to cloud computing, where will their clouds be hosted? Terremark, a hosted service provider to U.S. government customers, has built a data center specifically for that purpose.

Terremark’s data center in Culpeper, Va., is designed with the high-security requirements of government agencies in mind. The facility, which opened last year, features blast-proof exterior walls, traditional co-located servers, and a glass-enclosed room of multitenant servers that are shared by customers. Department of Defense-approved fences and 12-foot berms line the perimeter. More than 250 motion-sensor cameras send video feeds to the security office.

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