iLinc Internet Audio – Do’s & Don’ts

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2010-01-31

These days, with everyone looking to cut costs, it’s only natural to be focused on delivering the most cost-effective training, webinar or presentation. This of course raises the question of when to use Internet audio versus a traditional teleconference. Teleconferences are an easy way to get started with web conferencing but usually the cost of this option is greater. Depending upon the goals of your session, the audience you are targeting and your available budget, the answer may differ. If you need some advice in this area, we are always happy to help advise you on what may be the most appropriate option for your iLinc activity.

Assuming you have chosen to use iLinc’s Internet Audio option for your session, here are a couple points to keep in mind:

  • Always perform a dry-run or practice session with ALL presenters prior to the meeting. This will provide ample time to resolve any issues ahead of time as well as provide your presenter an opportunity to become familiar with the iLinc application. Also whenever possible, make sure they are in the same location and using the same hardware that they will be using for the live presentation. This will help to avoid any surprises on the day of your event.
  • Make sure your presenters have good quality headsets on their computers. A good headset could be the difference between a fantastic experience for your audience or a poor one. We recommend a number of devices ranging in price that will yield a high quality experience when used with iLinc.
  • Mute on entry – This is an option iLinc gives you that will mute all participants’ microphones upon joining your iLinc session. This should almost always be considered a ‘must’ for your session as it allows you, as the leader, to control when attendees can speak and also prevents users with poor audio setups from ruining the experience for others. When you are ready to open someone’s mic, simply right-click on their name and choose to un-mute their line.
  • iLinc also offers an option for a mixed teleconference & internet audio type of session. This option requires that your speakers dial into the teleconference line but participants will receive the option to either “Listen In” via their computer speakers or dial into the teleconference. It is important to note that those users choosing to “Listen In” over their computer speakers/headset will not be able to verbally speak back and forth with presenters on the teleconference line.
  • If you suspect that your users are not receiving the best experience possible when using iLinc’s Internet Audio option, please contact iLinc Technical Support to get help troubleshooting the issue. In most cases, we can readily identify the problem and recommend steps to improve the experience on all sides.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions or would like to discuss these points with iLinc Technical Support.

Thank you for choosing iLinc!

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