iLinc Fall 2009 Release FAQs

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2010-01-31

Q: Are all iLinc customers included in this release?

A: All iLinc hosted customers will automatically get access to the newest features in the Fall Release.

Q: Will I need to do anything for the upgrade?

A: No. your site will automatically be upgraded. The iLinc client will also upgrade automatically when you or your attendees first join a session after the release.

Q: Who will see the new Home page?

A: Only users who have the ability to add sessions will have access to the new Home page. Any user who does not have the ability to add sessions, like a student who can only view available sessions, will go directly to the Sessions page and to that user, it will appear as if nothing has changed.

Q: Can I turn off the new Home page?

A: Yes. The new home page can be disabled site-wide by going to Administration > Site, selecting the “Disable the Home Page Dashboard” checkbox and clicking “Submit”.

Q: What will happen to my existing recordings?

A: Your existing recordings will work just like they do now. You will be able to view them as activities and play them in session.

Q: Can my existing recordings be converted to the new format?

A: Yes. Please contact Support to schedule a time to have your existing recordings converted to the new format.

Q: Can I make new recordings available in session as content?

A: Yes. Once you have downloaded the recording, you will have the ability to upload a recording in the new format (as content to display).

Q: Can I disable some or all of the Social Networks Integration?

A: Yes. The Social Networks Integration can be disabled site-wide by going to Administration > Site, scrolling to Social Networks, adjusting the options and clicking “Submit”.

Q: If I upload video files, like FLV and SWF, as Media Link content, will I be charged storage fees?

A: Uploaded video files will be included in the current calculations used to determine storage fees.

Q: Can I really turn off the New User Wizard for new users on my site?

A: Yes. The New User Wizard can be disabled site-wide by going to Administration > Site, selecting the “Disable the New User Wizard” checkbox and clicking “Submit”.

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