Enhancing Productivity through Sales Coaching

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2014-09-09

Sales are more competitive than ever. With new strategies and technologies being applied every day many sales teams are wondering what could they do to rise over the competition? Therefore, focusing on sales coaching is today more important than ever. Building a sales coaching culture can do a lot to affect the productivity of a team as well as increase revenue.

Here are some important key points in sales coaching:

  • Streamline Early.-  Many bad habits of sales reps start in their early training and aren’t noticed until much later when they become harder to discontinue. Examine your reps early so you can correct any unnecessary bad habits.
  • Create a collaborative culture.-  As a coach one doesn’t focus on only one or two specific reps. One must focus on the whole sales team and strive to create collaboration so they can work together and increases productivity.
  • Push for perfection.-  Many reps get adjusted to their routine just because it works. A good sales coach must, not only correct mistakes, but create a mindset of perfection so that the sales rep can understand what they need to improve to growth.

Reference: Salesforce