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You probably know the old saying, “there never seem to be enough hours in the day.” This is especially true in the sales world, where time truly is money. According to a study by Mavenlink, two out of five small business owners rank time as their most valuable asset, and a quarter of those would pay $500 for just one extra hour in the day. The more effectively and efficiently you use your time, the better results to your bottom line. Small businesses grow faster by getting better at providing a steady flow of new prospects, increasing time spent selling, and arming their sales reps with the info they need to close deals more quickly. That is where a CRM application comes in.

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Finding time to bring in a steady flow of new customers can be quite the challenge for a  6 / A CRM app allows sales reps to store the data on prospects so the information’s ready at each interaction. This is often caused by issues such as:

• Inability to route leads to the appropriate sales rep

• Lack of information on potential clients

• Inadequate knowledge about a prospect before calling

• Poor visibility and forecasting of future pipeline A CRM app allows sales reps to store the data on prospects so the information’s ready at each interaction. Plus, it quickly provides metrics related to visibility and forecasting.

Selling Time:

Obviously, representatives need time to sell. Some of the time traps faced by salespeople are hard to overcome, but others can be easily fixed:

• Communication is a big challenge for a sales team on the go, but surprisingly few teams leverage smartphones and tablets as part of their regular workflow. Making the switch to mobile can eliminate downtime and increase communication.

• Automation of repetitive tasks gives salespeople more time to concentrate on closing.

• Providing one channel for reps to share information and connect eliminates endless email loops and phone tag. The right CRM system syncs with mobile devices anywhere, anytime via the cloud, so the entire team is on the same page and has the most current information at their fingertips.

Better Intelligence:

For successful prospecting and pitching, you must gather vital information on potential clients. But finding time to do that can be hard when you’re also trying to make your month. CRMs help solve this problemby collecting valuable customer data, including:

• Client history

• Current client preferences

• Client social media presence

• Past interactions with a client

• Client infrastructure details

• Client social media presence

• Past sales interactions

Think Mobile: Mobile CRM Tools

When considering CRM tools, you’ll notice that a rare few have functional mobile componants. Make sure the technology you are considering does not just add mobile functionality as an afterthought. Solutions like Salesforce1 were built mobile-first with a team’s productivity in mind. Designed with apps and features that streamline the sales process and enhance everyday operations, a true mobile CRM can mean the difference between a solution that merely helps your business, and one that revolutionizes it.





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