How CRM Benefits your Business

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2016-06-17

CRM is invaluable for any company, it will simplify the management of the commercial area.

Managers shaking hands over business plans


1. Better control of its sales operations, marketing and customer service:

Through the implementation of best practices and validation of adherence

2. Increased Revenue:

To generate qualified leads, you need the right tools.

When a CRM system is powerful enough to record and analyze the data is used, it is focusing on generating more leads, and in the process, more sales.

  • More Leads
  • More oportunities
  • More Closings
  • More Loyalty

3. Better Customer Knowledge:

With a CRM solution , there is no secret formula to generate leads and customer care . However , it is possible to drill deeply into the customer data to enrich sales initiatives . ( Up-sell and cross -sell) Closer Relationship!

4. Greater Productivity

The implementation of adequate CRM can increase sales productivity, allowing you to close more deals, increase sales and improve decisions in real time and forecast accuracy .

Activities mobility and acceleration via automation, flows and approvals.

5. The use of Applications to extend the reach of automation to other areas of the company

With sales teams mobile CRM you can make important business decisions based on real-time reporting, access critical customer data anywhere and do more on any device, regardless of location and productivity 24/7.

This type of analysis in real time with customer-focused information is vital to determine what marketing efforts and sales strategies are more successful.

6. Better Decisions, via analysis of information for product design, promotions & processes:

Having data is one thing, but the best use of  data to increase sales is another. CRM allows sales teams to analyze leads, contacts and customers in a centralize way.

7. Greater predictability of results via Forecasts and trends:

Part of generating more leads from your CRM tool is the ability to predict what your customers want from your business. The best way to do this is through predictive analysis using data mining business records.

Manage accurate forecasts and opportunity management allows sales teams to see what stage and sales deals are in the pipeline, so that opportunities are not lost.

The goal is to find patterns in consumer behavior to help their plans in the immediate future.

Using CRM tools that allow you to spot trends helps maximize the value of life of a customer. This means that even when a customer has the intention to move to another brand, you can give them an offer they can not refuse.

It is much more difficult to retain a customer when they have already made the decision to leave.