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If your business is not evaluating, reviewing and/or improving your business processes before implementing a CRM, you may be automating bad practices….

Technology is only a part of the equation; it is imperative that you ask yourself “what am I doing to ensure our users will embrace the changes in disciplines required to achieve our goals and optimize our investment?”

One of Doble Group’s unique differentiators is our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the execution of sales, marketing and customer service processes. Our team’s front line experience leading large and medium sized commercial organizations across different industries (e.g. Verizon, Cable & Wireless and Hilton Hotels Corporation) will ensure that professionals that have faced your same business challenges are advising you. Our approach to business process is down to earth, practical and highly effective. We know what works and what doesn´t…better yet; we know the difference between “theoretical” and downright “practical” processes, concepts and ideas.

A key step in ensuring CRM success is validating that your business practices are smartly designed to ensure each interaction with your customers’ produces a highly positive, unique and long-lasting impression. Doble Group helps you design, review or create business processes that embed the disciplines, standards and best practices expected of your teams to deliver this type of experience consistently. Furthermore, we specialize in building the right environment to ensure your teams are looking forward and embrace the new processes and technologies that are likely to change the way they currently work.

Give us the opportunity to help you achieve what you have only dared to imagine.

Doble Group’s Business Consulting areas of expertise:

  • Sales Process and Best Practices Consulting
  • Service Process and Best Practices Consulting
  • Marketing Campaign Management Process and Best Practices Consulting
  • Translating Business Practices & Processes into Technical Requirements for CRM Automation
  • CRM Adoption & Transformation Consulting (Change Management)