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The best way to collaborate at work


Welcome to the Collaboration Cloud: Salesforce Chatter introduces a new world of real-time enterprise collaboration software-as-a-service. A world where collaborating at work is as easy as using Facebook. Where you stay on top of what’s happening in your company with real-time updates on people and groups, important documents, and your top deals and accounts. And where you discover new experts and insights that will make your job easier. All of it fueling smarter–and faster–business decisions.

In recent years, the Internet dramatically changed the way all of us keeps up with friends and family. Thanks to the growing popularity of social Web sites like Facebook and Twitter, we always know what’s happening in our personal lives, because that information is pushed right to us in real time. But what about our work? Why is it still so hard to stay on top of everything that’s important to us at the office? Why can’t business collaboration software work as easily as Facebook?

The new Collaboration Cloud ushers in a new world of real-time enterprise collaboration. Where you stay on top of what your colleagues are doing and on the status of important projects and deals, so you always know what matters most to you and your business. As both a collaboration software-as-a-service application and a platform for building collaborative cloud-computing apps, Chatter helps you connect and share information securely like never before–all in real time.