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ByTeam - Doble Group, LLC 2014-03-25


BAC Group

Case Study:

BAC Group

About BAC Group:

Buenos Aires Consulting (BAC) Group specializes in technological solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business intelligence serving small to medium size enterprises.

They have a greater concentration of medium sized clients but have their sights set on catering to larger businesses as well.

They have had a presence in the Central America (CENAM) region for the last 8 years with investments of approximately $1.5M. Office locations are in Honduras and Panama, with a number of partners spread across Central America.


The relationship between BAC group and Doble group evolved from exchanges at a technology event between Mariano Doble, CEO of Doble Group and a member of BAC Group’s Sales organization. BAC group had limited experience in using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool in their own business, but after being exposed to the Doble Group’s Salesforce environment, they set out to incorporate a similar set up for their business.

The sales team at BAC Group needed an optimal approach to prioritizing leads, organizing opportunities and managing overall sales performance. was the clear way to go in terms of a CRM for their Sales organization, and so was their consulting partner, Doble Group.

Benefits to the Business

The use of Salesforce has allowed greater definition of BAC Group’s sales strategy with functions and processes aligned to business imperatives. The Sales organization is better streamlined with the capabilities to:

  1. Qualify leads and assign priority levels which informs how clients are targeted
  2. Manage the sales effort with greater visibility of opportunities in the pipeline
  3. Share reports with Senior Management, with reporting visibility being very important for the General Manager.
  4. Access customer information from Salesforce at any time across devices to include mobile phones
  5. Customize around products to meet the needs of the business
  6. Communicate seamlessly internally across locations with Salesforce Chatter.
  7. Become more adaptable to project complexity

Outlook with and Doble Group

  • Extend use of Salesforce to some BAC group partners and add more users within the immediate business
  • Exploit other functionalities of, such as campaigns and the use of mass emails for greater customer reach
  • Partnership as Salesforce providers with Doble Group and BAC Group providing consultancy services to businesses across CENAM.


Sofia Maradiaga, BAC Group Business Consultant, “I was impressed with the vast knowledge and experience shared during the interaction with Mariano, along with his patience in helping us adapting to the use of the applications. Doble Group Implementation Team helped to streamline and set up the necessary customization with appropriate fields, products, processes. Overall, the experience far exceeded the expectations of the team.”