Barbados Telecommunications Leader Enlists Doble Group for Enhanced Deployment and Optimization of its Salesforce CRM

By Team - Doble Group, LLC 2012-11-06

Miami, FL, Nov. 6, 2012/— TeleBarbados, Inc., a provider of a full suite of corporate and residential Internet, data and voice services to the residents of Barbados, has selected Doble Group, LLC, a consulting firm that focuses on improving business results through the implementation of CRM and Performance Management solutions and the alignment of its teams and processes for success, for enhanced deployment and optimization of its Salesforce CRM.

Although TeleBarbados continues to grow at a rapid rate, the company did not have a system in place to manage sales activities or revenues and required a platform to organize customer intelligence more efficiently. To address this issue, Doble Group focused on improving TeleBarbados’ business results through the implementation of Salesforce CRM and the alignment of the tool with TeleBarbados’ unique processes and teams to ensure its maximum success. The Salesforce CRM deployment project led by Doble Group optimized the effectiveness of the system by providing configuration enhancements that customized the application to meet the specific workflow requirements of TeleBarbados and provided hands-on training on how to use the system to its fullest capacity.

“The Doble Group team was very informative about what could bring to the table and the increased functionality it offered,” remarked Joseph Herde, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for TeleBarbados. “It has increased the productivity of our sales team by allowing them to step up their efforts through the use of Salesforce. We like the usability and intuitiveness of the solution.”

In addition to improved leads, contacts and account and opportunity management for increased sales productivity and revenue, Doble Group assisted TeleBarbados in real-time sales activity and account management through reports and dashboards. Doble Group also provided the company with customized training to help its team members get on board with its new way of working and selling to business customers.

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