A Great CRM Communication Plan!

Key Success Factor to Adoption

By Mariano J. Doble, CEO Doble Group

Value of a CRM Communication Plan

As with any new business project or program, a communication plan is essential for updating leadership and users on the status of the CRM implementation, as well as the success of user adoption and any changes & improvements that are made throughout time. In short, a great communication plan is the foundation to drive adoption, process adherence, business productivity and ultimately end user success!


Mariano J. Doble

Mariano J. Doble //

Mariano J. Doble is the CEO of Doble Group, LLC; a boutique consulting firm that focuses on improving business results through CRM solutions and the alignment of the organization, its processes and teams for success. Doble Group delivers its services through highly customized consulting programs and the world's most innovative cloud technologies. Blog: https://doblegroup.com/blog/